Rose Johnson is glad to be back home with her dog, Bella.


Back in April 2015, Johnson, 92, was walking Bella near her home when she fell and fractured her left hip. After surgery, she was in a lot of pain and needed rehabilitation in order to be able to live at home again. She couldn’t get in and out of bed, get dressed or walk by herself.


Johnson chose to do her physical and occupational therapies at Life Care Center of Port Townsend, Washington. Therapists there evaluated Johnson and worked with her to develop a plan of care and set goals.


Seven days a week, Johnson took part in physical therapy, practicing exercises that helped her rebuild strength and mobility. The physical therapists also addressed her pain with electrical stimulation.


Occupational therapy played another big role in Johnson’s recovery. Six days a week, OTs worked with her on managing daily tasks like grooming and dressing.


“We focused on function, pain management and addressing her fear of movement and falling,” said Jamyne Richardson, interim director of rehab services. “It was a true team approach, with Rose at the helm.”


Over the course of her stay, Johnson was slowly able to do more and more, and as she worked on walking, therapists even tried to include the dog in her therapy sessions to make sure she was ready to return home.


In May, Johnson reached her goals, including getting around with a walker, taking care of herself and doing dishes, something she is responsible for at home.


“My stay here was so helpful and wonderful,” said Johnson. “Like everyone, I wanted to be home, but I wouldn’t have learned all these things at home. Every time I am up walking with Bella, I will think of and remember what I learned in therapy.”


Johnson returned home on May 25, 2015.


For more information about rehabilitation at Life Care Center of Port Townsend, call (360) 385-3555.